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XBRL risk/return summary

Extensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL) risk/return summaries are interactive files that allow an investor to view, download, and compare certain information regarding a fund's objectives, fees, performance, and risks. Generally, XBRL risk/return summaries will be available on within 15 business days of the annual update to a fund's prospectus.

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Mutual funds

NameFundRisk/return summary
500 Index Fund0040, 0540, 1940
Balanced Index Fund0002, 0502, 0869
Developed Markets Index Fund0127, 0137, 1397, 1457
Dividend Appreciation Index Fund0602, 5702
Dividend Growth Fund0057
Energy Fund0051, 0551
Extended Market Index Fund0098, 0598, 0856, 1860, 1898
Global Capital Cycles Fund0053
Global ESG Select Stock Fund2247, 0547
GNMA Fund0036, 0536
Growth Index Fund0009, 0509, 0868
Health Care Fund0052, 0552
High Yield Corporate Fund0029, 0529
Inflation Protected Securities Fund0119, 5119, 1190
Institutional Index Fund0094, 0854
Institutional Total Stock Market Index Fund0870, 0871
Intermediate-Term Bond Index Fund0314, 0504, 1874, 5314
Intermediate-Term Investment-Grade Fund0071, 0571
Intermediate-Term Treasury Fund0035, 0535
Large-Cap Index Fund0307, 5307, 0807
Long-Term Bond Index Fund0522, 0545, 1872, 2022
Long-Term Investment-Grade Fund0028, 0568
Long-Term Treasury Fund0083, 0583
Managed Allocation Fund1498
Market Neutral Fund0634, 0734
Mid-Cap Growth Index Fund0832, 5832
Mid-Cap Index Fund0859, 5859, 0864, 1859
Mid-Cap Value Index Fund0835, 5835
Real Estate Index Fund0123, 5123, 3123
Real Estate II Index Fund2023
Short-Term Bond Index Fund0132, 5132, 0732, 0733
Short-Term Federal Fund0049, 0549
Short-Term Investment Grade Fund0039, 0539, 0858
Short-Term Treasury Fund0032, 0532
Small-Cap Growth Index Fund0861, 0866, 5861
Small-Cap Index Fund0048, 0548, 0857, 1861
Small-Cap Value Index Fund0860, 0865, 5860
Structured Broad Market Fund0882, 0883
Structured Large-Cap Equity Fund0872, 0873
Tax-Managed Balanced Fund0103
Tax-Managed Capital Appreciation Fund5102, 0135
Tax-Managed Small-Cap Fund0116, 0118
Total Bond Market Index Fund0084, 0222, 0584, 0850, 1884
Total Bond Market II Index Fund0635, 0660
Total Stock Market Index Fund0085, 0585, 0855, 1785, 1871
Ultra-Short-Term Bond Fund0592, 1492
U.S. Growth Fund0023, 0523
Value Index Fund0006, 0506, 0867


NameFundRisk/return summary
500 Index ETF0968
Dividend Appreciation ETF0920
Extended Market ETF0965
FTSE Developed Markets ETF0936
Growth ETF0967
Intermediate-Term Bond ETF0925
Large-Cap ETF0961
Long-Term Bond ETF0927
Mega Cap Value ETF3139
Mid-Cap ETF0939
Mid-Cap Growth ETF0932
Mid-Cap Value ETF0935
Real Estate Index ETF0986
Short-Term Bond ETF0924
Small-Cap Growth ETF0938
Small-Cap Value ETF0937
Tax-Exempt Bond ETF4391
Total Bond Market ETF0928
Total Stock Market ETF0970
Value ETF0966


NameFundRisk/return summary
VVIF-Capital Growth0277
VVIF-Conservative Allocation0710
VVIF-Diversified Value0278
VVIF-Equity Income0108
VVIF-Equity Index0107
VVIF-Global Bond Index Portfolio0804
VVIF-High Yield Bond0260
VVIF-Mid-Cap Index0288
VVIF-Moderate Allocation0712
VVIF-Money Market0104
VVIF-Real Estate Index Portfolio0349
VVIF-Short-Term Investment-Grade0274
VVIF-Small Company Growth0161
VVIF-Total Bond Market Index0257
VVIF-Total International Stock Market Index Portfolio0802
VVIF-Total Stock Market Index0287