XBRL risk/return summary

Extensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL) risk/return summaries are interactive files that allow an investor to view, download, and compare certain information regarding a fund's objectives, fees, performance, and risks. Generally, XBRL risk/return summaries will be available on within 15 business days of the annual update to a fund's prospectus.

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Mutual funds

Money market funds

Taxable money market
NameFundRisk/return summary
Treasury Money Market Fund0011Download
Federal Money Market Fund0033Download
Market Liquidity Fund1142Download
Prime Money Market Fund0030, 0066Download
Tax-exempt money market
NameFundRisk/return summary
California Tax-Exempt Money Market Fund0062Download
Municipal Cash Management Fund1143Download
New Jersey Tax-Exempt Money Market Fund0095Download
New York Tax-Exempt Money Market Fund0163Download
Ohio Tax-Exempt Money Market Fund0096Download
Pennsylvania Tax-Exempt Money Market Fund0063Download
Tax-Exempt Money Market Fund0045Download

Bond funds

International bond
NameFundRisk/return summary
Emerging Markets Bond Fund1431Download
Emerging Markets Government Bond Index Fund
Purchase fee: 0.75%
0520, 1120, 2020Download
International Dividend Appreciation Index Fund0515, 2015Download
International High Dividend Yield Index Fund0530, 1530Download
Total International Bond Index Fund0511, 1231, 1831, 1999, 2011Download
Taxable short-term bond
NameFundRisk/return summary
Core Bond Fund1320Download
Institutional Short-Term Bond Fund0472Download
Mortgage-Backed Securities Index Fund1648, 1948Download
Short-Term Bond Index Fund0132, 5132, 0732, 0733Download
Short-Term Federal Fund0049, 0549Download
Short-Term Corporate Bond Index Fund1645, 1945Download
Short-Term Government Bond Index Fund1642, 1942Download
Short-Term Investment Grade Fund0039, 0539, 0858Download
Short-Term Treasury Fund0032, 0532Download
Ultra-Short-Term Bond Fund0592, 1492Download
Taxable intermediate-term bond
NameFundRisk/return summary
GNMA Fund0036, 0536Download
High Yield Corporate Fund0029, 0529Download
Institutional Intermediate-Term Bond Fund0465Download
Intermediate-Term Bond Index Fund0314, 0504, 1874, 5314Download
Intermediate-Term Corporate Bond Index Fund
Purchase fee: 0.25%
1646, 1946Download
Intermediate-Term Government Bond Index Fund1643, 1943Download
Intermediate-Term Investment-Grade Fund0071, 0571Download
Intermediate-Term Treasury Fund0035, 0535Download
Total Bond Market Index Fund0084, 0222, 0584, 0850, 1884Download
Total Bond Market II Index Fund0635, 0660Download
Taxable long-term bond
NameFundRisk/return summary
Extended Duration Treasury Index Fund1275, 1276Download
Long-Term Government Bond Index Fund1644, 1944Download
Long-Term Corporate Bond Index Fund
Purchase fee: 1.00%
1647, 1947Download
Inflation-indexed securities
NameFundRisk/return summary
Inflation Protected Securities Fund0119, 5119, 1190Download
Short-Term Inflation-Protected Securities Fund0567, 1867, 1967Download
Taxable long-term bond
NameFundRisk/return summary
Long-Term Bond Index Fund0522, 0545, 1872Download
Long-Term Investment-Grade Fund0028, 0568Download
Long-Term Treasury Fund0083, 0583Download
Tax-exempt short-term bond
NameFundRisk/return summary
Limited-Term Tax-Exempt Fund0031, 0531Download
Short-Term Tax-Exempt Fund0041, 0541Download
Tax-exempt intermediate-term bond
NameFundRisk/return summary
California Intermediate-Term Tax-Exempt Fund0100, 5100Download
Intermediate-Term Tax-Exempt Fund0042, 0542Download
Tax-exempt long-term bond
NameFundRisk/return summary
California Long-Term Tax-Exempt Fund0075, 0575Download
High-Yield Tax-Exempt Fund0044, 5044Download
Long-Term Tax-Exempt Fund0043, 0543Download
Massachusetts Tax-Exempt Fund0168Download
New Jersey Long-Term Tax-Exempt Fund0014, 0514Download
New York Long-Term Tax-Exempt Fund0076, 0576Download
Ohio Long-Term Tax-Exempt Fund0097Download
Pennsylvania Long-Term Tax-Exempt Fund0077, 0577Download
Tax-Exempt Bond Index Fund1491, 0591Download

Balanced funds

NameFundRisk/return summary
Balanced Index Fund0002, 0502, 0869Download
Convertible Securities Fund0082Download
STAR Fund0056Download
Tax-Managed Balanced Fund0103Download
Wellesley Income Fund0027, 0527Download
Wellington Fund0021, 0521Download
NameFundRisk/return summary
Institutional Target Retirement 2010 Fund1662Download
Institutional Target Retirement 2015 Fund1663Download
Institutional Target Retirement 2020 Fund1664Download
Institutional Target Retirement 2025 Fund1665Download
Institutional Target Retirement 2030 Fund1666Download
Institutional Target Retirement 2035 Fund1667Download
Institutional Target Retirement 2040 Fund1668Download
Institutional Target Retirement 2045 Fund1669Download
Institutional Target Retirement 2050 Fund1670Download
Institutional Target Retirement 2055 Fund1671Download
Institutional Target Retirement 2060 Fund1672Download
Institutional Target Retirement Income Fund1673Download
LifeStrategy Conservative Growth Fund0724Download
LifeStrategy Growth Fund0122Download
LifeStrategy Income Fund0723Download
LifeStrategy Moderate Growth Fund0914Download
Target Retirement Income Fund0308Download
Target Retirement 2010 Fund0681Download
Target Retirement 2015 Fund0303Download
Target Retirement 2020 Fund0682Download
Target Retirement 2025 Fund0304Download
Target Retirement 2030 Fund0695Download
Target Retirement 2035 Fund0305Download
Target Retirement 2040 Fund0696Download
Target Retirement 2045 Fund0306Download
Target Retirement 2050 Fund0699Download
Target Retirement 2055 Fund1487Download
Target Retirement 2060 Fund1691Download
Managed payout
NameFundRisk/return summary
Managed Payout Fund1498Download

Stock funds

Domestic stock - general
NameFundRisk/return summary
500 Index Fund0040, 0540, 1940Download
Alternative Strategies Fund1298Download
Diversified Equity Fund0608Download
Dividend Appreciation Index Fund0602, 5702Download
Dividend Growth Fund0057Download
Equity Income Fund0065, 0565Download
FTSE Social Index Fund0213, 0223Download
Growth and Income Fund0093, 0593Download
Growth Index Fund Inv0009, 0509, 0868Download
High Dividend Yield Index Fund0623Download
Institutional Index Fund0094, 0854Download
Institutional Total Stock Market Index Fund0870, 0871Download
Large-Cap Index Fund0307, 5307, 0807Download
Market Neutral Fund0634, 0734Download
Mega Cap Growth Index0838Download
Mega Cap Index Fund0828Download
Mega Cap Value Index0839Download
Morgan Growth Fund0026, 0526Download
PRIMECAP Core Fund1220Download
Russell 1000 Index Fund1848Download
Russell 1000 Value Index Fund1849Download
Russell 1000 Growth Index Fund1850Download
Russell 2000 Index Fund1851Download
Russell 2000 Value Index Fund1852Download
Russell 2000 Growth Index Fund1853Download
Russell 3000 Index Fund1854Download
S&P 500 Growth Index Fund1841Download
S&P 500 Value Index Fund1840Download
S&P Mid-Cap 400 Growth Index Fund1843Download
S&P Mid-Cap 400 Index Fund1842Download
S&P Mid-Cap 400 Value Index Fund1844Download
S&P Small-Cap 600 Growth Index Fund1847Download
S&P Small-Cap 600 Index Fund1845Download
S&P Small-Cap 600 Value Index Fund1846Download
Structured Broad Market Fund0882, 0883Download
Structured Large-Cap Equity Fund0872, 0873Download
Tax-Managed Capital Appreciation Fund5102, 0135Download
Total Stock Market Index Fund0085, 0585, 0855, 1785Download
U.S. Growth Fund0023, 0523Download
U.S. Value Fund0124Download
Value Index Fund0006, 0506, 0867Download
Windsor Fund0022, 5022Download
Windsor II Fund0073, 0573Download
Domestic stock - more aggressive
NameFundRisk/return summary
Capital Opportunity Fund0111, 5111Download
Capital Value Fund0328Download
Explorer Fund0024, 5024Download
Explorer Value Fund1690Download
Extended Market Index Fund0098, 0598, 0856, 1860, 1898Download
Mid-Cap Growth Fund0301Download
Mid-Cap Growth Index Fund0832, 5832Download
Mid-Cap Index Fund0859, 5859, 0864, 1859Download
Mid-Cap Value Index Fund0835, 5835Download
PRIMECAP Fund0059, 0559Download
Selected Value Fund0934Download
Small-Cap Growth Index Fund0861, 0866, 5861Download
Small-Cap Index Fund0048, 0548, 0857, 1861Download
Small-Cap Value Index Fund0860, 0865, 5860Download
Strategic Equity Fund0114Download
Strategic Small-Cap Equity Fund0615Download
Tax-Managed Small-Cap Fund0116, 0118Download
Domestic stock - sector-specific
NameFundRisk/return summary
Consumer Discretionary Index Fund5483Download
Consumer Staples Index Fund5484Download
Energy Fund0051, 0551Download
Energy Index Fund5480Download
Financials Index Fund5486Download
Health Care Fund0052, 0552Download
Health Care Index Fund5485Download
Industrials Index Fund5482Download
Information Technology Index Fund5487Download
Materials Index Fund5481Download
Precious Metals and Mining Fund0053Download
REIT Index Fund0123, 5123, 3123Download
Telecommunication Services Index Fund5488Download
Utilities Index Fund5489Download
International/global stock
NameFundRisk/return summary
Developed Markets Index Fund0127, 0137, 1397, 1457Download
Emerging Markets Select Stock Fund0752Download
Emerging Markets Stock Index Fund0533, 5533, 0239, 1865Download
European Stock Index Fund0079, 0579, 0235, 1863Download
FTSE All-World ex-US Index Fund0770, 0881, 1866, 0570Download
FTSE All-World ex-US Small-Cap Index Fund
Purchase fee: 0.25%
Redemption fee: 0.25%
1684, 0884Download
Global Equity Fund0129Download
Global ex-U.S. Real Estate Index Fund
Purchase fee: 0.25%
Redemption fee: 0.25%
0738, 1758, 1858Download
Global Minimum Volatility Fund1194, 0594Download
International Explorer Fund0126Download
International Growth Fund0081, 0581Download
International Value Fund0046Download
Pacific Stock Index Fund0072, 0572, 0237, 1864Download
Total International Stock Index Fund0113, 0569, 1869, 1870, 1969Download
Total World Stock Index Fund0628, 0826Download

Bond funds

Inflation-indexed securities
NameFundRisk/return summary
Short-Term Inflation-Protected Securities ETF3365Download
International bonds
NameFundRisk/return summary
Emerging Markets Government Bond Index ETF3820Download
International Dividend Appreciation Index ETF4415Download
International High Dividend Yield Index ETF4430Download
Total International Bond Index ETF3711Download
Short-term bond
NameFundRisk/return summary
Short-Term Bond ETF0924Download
Short-Term Corporate Bond ETF3145Download
Short-Term Government Bond ETF3142Download
Intermediate-term bond
NameFundRisk/return summary
Intermediate-Term Bond ETF0925Download
Intermediate-Term Corporate Bond ETF3146Download
Intermediate-Term Government Bond ETF3143Download
Mortgage-Backed Securities ETF3148Download
Total Bond Market ETF0928Download
Long-term bond
NameFundRisk/return summary
Extended Duration Treasury ETF0930Download
Long-Term Bond ETF0927Download
Long-Term Corporate Bond ETF3147Download
Long-Term Government Bond ETF3144Download
Tax-Exempt Bond ETF4391Download

Stock funds

Domestic stock - general
NameFundRisk/return summary
500 Index ETF0968Download
Dividend Appreciation ETF0920Download
Growth ETF0967Download
High Dividend Yield ETF0923Download
Large-Cap ETF0961Download
Mega Cap ETF3137Download
Mega Cap Growth ETF3138Download
Mega Cap Value ETF3139Download
S&P 500 Growth ETF3341Download
S&P 500 Value ETF3340Download
S&P Mid-Cap 400 ETF3342Download
S&P Mid-Cap 400 Value ETF3344Download
S&P Mid-Cap 400 Growth ETF3343Download
S&P Small-Cap 600 ETF3345Download
S&P Small-Cap 600 Growth ETF3347Download
S&P Small-Cap 600 Value ETF3346Download
Total Stock Market ETF0970Download
Value ETF0966Download
Domestic stock - more aggressive
NameFundRisk/return summary
Extended Market ETF0965Download
Mid-Cap ETF0939Download
Mid-Cap Growth ETF0932Download
Mid-Cap Value ETF0935Download
Small-Cap ETF0969Download
Small-Cap Growth ETF0938Download
Small-Cap Value ETF0937Download
Domestic stock - Sector-specific
NameFundRisk/return summary
Consumer Discretionary ETF0954Download
Consumer Staples ETF0955Download
Energy ETF0951Download
Financials ETF0957Download
Health Care ETF0956Download
Industrials ETF0953Download
Information Technology ETF0958Download
Materials ETF0952Download
REIT ETF0986Download
Russell 1000 Growth ETF3350Download
Russell 1000 ETF3348Download
Russell 1000 Value ETF3349Download
Russell 2000 Growth3353Download
Russell 2000 ETF3351Download
Russell 2000 Value ETF3352Download
Russell 3000 ETF3354Download
Telecommunication Services ETF0959Download
Utilities ETF0960Download
International/global stock
NameFundRisk/return summary
FTSE All-World ex-US ETF0991Download
FTSE All-World ex-US Small-Cap ETF3184Download
FTSE Developed Markets ETF0936Download
MSCI Emerging Markets ETF0964Download
MSCI Europe ETF0963Download
MSCI Pacific ETF0962Download
Total International Stock ETF3369Download
Total World Stock ETF3141Download
International/global stock - Sector-specific
NameFundRisk/return summary
Global ex-U.S. Real Estate ETF3358Download


Domestic stock - sector-specific
NameFundRisk/return summary
VVIF-Capital Growth0277Download
VVIF-Conservative Allocation0710Download
VVIF-Diversified Value0278Download
VVIF-Equity Income0108Download
VVIF-Equity Index0107Download
VVIF-High Yield Bond0260Download
VVIF-Mid-Cap Index0288Download
VVIF-Moderate Allocation0712Download
VVIF-Money Market0104Download
VVIF-REIT Index0349Download
VVIF-Short-Term Investment-Grade0274Download
VVIF-Small Company Growth0161Download
VVIF-Total Bond Market Index0257Download
VVIF-Total Stock Market Index0287Download